When I first knew that I would be making my home in Nebraska I expected a mostly rural area with flat land as far as the eye could see, and traditional Midwest values that I wanted for my children. I had no idea what undiscovered treasure was awaiting us.  Nebraska offers a variety of lifestyles.

The one I wanted for my family was in Papillion-a small town atmosphere with friendly wholesome people who valued the quality of life. That quality was measured by honesty, a strong work ethic, a strong feeling of community made up of people who help each other, a family oriented town with parks, community activities and a concern for children. 

For others, Nebraska and the Omaha metropolitan area offer small acreages for the country experience, golf courses, lakes, and areas of natural beauty for recreational activities, and an exciting and vibrant city with art, museums, plays, and all the opportunities and attractions found in cities everywhere.  Having been in a military family, I've lived all over the United States and in Europe and I can honestly say that it doesn't get any better than life here in Nebraska.

I think that's why I find such satisfaction in helping people find a comfortable home and why I look forward with anticipation to the wonderful experience my clients will enjoy here. In the past 20 years I've been fortunate to be recognized in my industry and over the years I've received a number of awards, many as a result of the kind evaluations of my clients.


When I see the statues and plaques, I see all the wonderful families, young people, first-time home buyers and many people whose housing needs have changed and who now need a different style of home. It has been a happy 20-year career of helping people I admire and respect find a comfortable home in a place I love. Someone once said that if you love your work, you'll never work a day in your life. I know that person was talking to me. I look forward with happy anticipation to the next person I will be honored to help. I hope it's you!