Let's Talk About Century 21 Omaha

If you are thinking about going it alone to sell your house, you may want to reconsider your options. Do you know how to advertise your property and what features buyers are interested in; or do you assume it's what you value? Do you actually know what your place is worth on Nebraska real estate market, based on sales of similar properties? Are you prepared to show your house when it is convenient to potential buyers? Are you going to open your doors to anyone that wants to look or to pre-screened qualified prospects? Do you understand all the legal consequences of hidden faults, pre-existing damage and property infringement?

The list of questions is long; but Ellen Blinn knows all the answers about real estate. Nebraska is fortunate to have her at Century 21. Omaha is her bailiwick and none know it better. She will do the cost sheets, contract preparation, negotiate purchase agreements and help you resolve outstanding home inspection issues. Do you want to do it all on your own or have someone with experience make sure it's done right?

The Power Century 21 Nebraska Offers

The name alone draws buyers and sellers from all over the country and world. People moving into the area recognize the brand and what it represents. They want the convenience and expertise of an individual who knows the area so they don't have to. The standard for excellence in real estate transactions is Century 21. Nebraska broker Ellen Blinn maintains and exceeds all expectations.

Buying Real Estate; Nebraska Style

We haven't forgotten our roots. Wagon trains used to pass through Nebraska on their way out west and our fore bearers welcomed them on their journey. We were a great community then and remain so today. It's a sound place to live and own real estate; Nebraska can't be beat for raising kids or to retire away from them (!). Nebraska is growing, thanks to our economy and the folks at Century 21. Omaha has a wonderfully diverse population that is on the move. Homes go on and off the market at varying rates. Buying or selling is not quite so complicated when dealing with Century 21. Nebraska broker Ellen Blinn can tell you more.