Why Buy Real Estate, Nebraska asks

What better way to save your money than a sound real estate investment that does more than sit in the bank or portfolio? You get no enjoyment out of it, except perhaps watching it grow (or the opposite). It's different when it goes toward real estate. Nebraska land values have been rising and if you are planning the investment for the long haul, minor fluctuations will not have any negative impact. There are no investment fees, management fees, or capital gains taxes. Anything you pay is for a service you can see: and most fees are tax deductible. Rent is not. Furthermore, when you rent you give up your control to the owner of the property.

Even if you are from Offutt AFB, NE homes are worth the time. Your property is just that: Yours! There is no worrying about base regulations and restrictions. How many people have a hard time finding rentals that permit pets? With your own home put in a wireless or erected fence and there's not even a concern about your neighbor's flower beds.

Offutt AFB NE Are Kindred Spirits

As a former Officer whose spouse gave his life in the service of our nation, Ellen Blinn has a deep and unabiding bond with military families. As anyone who ever served knows, "we take care of our own" applies forever. You want the straight talk you can rely on and not a sales pitch when looking for real estate. Nebraska has Century 21's best: Ellen Blinn. She will work just as hard for you whether or not you hail from Offutt AFB. NE is her home and she wants to help make it yours too. Having handled more military housing than any other in the area, she can guide you flawlessly through every step.